Business Directory

Organization Name Map/Directions Phone Website/E-mail
ALLEN’ S AUTOMOTIVE PO Box 585 802-438-5678 E-mail Us
ARTISTIC MEMORIALS Location Map 802-438-2945 E-mail Us
BAILEY MOTORS INC.BAR HARBOR BANK Location MapLocation Map 802-438-6111802-438-2370 Visit WebsiteVisit Website
BOARDMAN HILL FARMS Location Map 802-683-4606 E-mail Us
BOWKER & SON MEMORIALS PO Box 194 802-438-2222 Visit Website
BRUNO’S BAR Location Map 802-797-8043 Facebook
BRUNO’S GARAGE PO Box 254 802- N/A
CAMPBELL PLASTER & IRON PO Box 6969 802-438-5212 Visit Website
CARPET KING OF VERMONT PO Box 38 802-438-2077 Visit Website
CARRIS REELS, INC. Location Map 802-773-9111 Visit Website
CARVING STUDIO & SCULPUTURE CTR Location Map 802-438-2097 Visit Website
CASELLA WASTE MANAGEMENT Location Map 888-832-8047 Visit Website
DAN KEARNEY USED CARS PO Box 133 802-775-2915 Visit Website
FABIAN EARTH MOVING Location Map 802-438-5040 Visit Website
LAKE SUNAPEE BANK Location Map 802-438-2370 Visit Website
FRANK & JOES GARAGEGARDEN TENDERS Location MapLocation Map 802-438-2228802-770-9583 N/AVisit Website
GAWET MARBLE AND GRANITE PO BOX 219 802-773-8868 Visit Website
GORHAM FARM Location Map 802-438-2243 N/A
GRABOWSKI’S FARM Location Map 802-438-2853 Facebook
GREEN MOUNTAIN AWNINGS, INC Location Map 802-438-2951 Visit Website
H HIRSCHMANN LTD Location Map 802-438-4447 Visit Website
HARRINGTON CUSTOM BUILDINGHEY DIDDLE DIDDLE DAYCARE PO Box 214Location Map 802-438-2025802-438-2000 Visit WebsiteE-mail Us
JIM GREENE & SONS CONTRACTING Location Map 802-438-2211 N/A
JP NOONAN TRANSPORTATION Location Map 802-438-5333 Visit Website
M.J AMSDEN FURNITURE PO Box 843 802-438-2990 Visit Website
MAIN STREET CASH MARKET Location Map 802-438-9880 Facebook
MARY’S CAFE PO Box 484 802-438-2422 Facebook
MARY’S MASSAGE & BEAUTY SALON Location Map 802-438-2633 N/A
MULLIN-CLIFFORD FUNERAL HOME Location Map 802-438-2988 Visit Website
NEIGHBORWORKS OF WESTERN VT Location Map 802-438-2303 Visit Website
NUSANTARA Location Map 802-775-3027 Visit Website
PET GEAR PO Box 99 802-438-2231 Visit Website
POULTNEY POOLS PO Box 116 802-438-2500 Visit Website
PREMIERE COACH CO., INC. Thrall Avenue 802-655-4456 Visit Website
RITE-AID CORP. # 1174 PO Box 8431 802-438-6186 Visit Website
ROSEN & BERGER PO Box 270 802-773-3391 Visit Website
ROUTE 4 SELF STORAGE Location Map 802-438-6117 Facebook
RUSSELL OPTICSRUTLAND COUNTY ASSISTED LIVINGPO Box 5 802-438-5213 Visit WebsiteVisit Website  
S.E. SMITH CO. Location Map 802-438-2221 E-mail Us
STEVE CZACHOR LOGGING Location Map 802-438-2840 N/A
STEWARTS SHOP PO Box 623 802-438-2079 Visit Website
SWEET CAROLINES Location Map 802-438-5696 Facebook
TASTE OF THE NORTH INC 750 Jean Marchand, Levis, Que 800-308-3742 Visit Website
THE PAW HOUSE Location Map 802-438-2738 Visit Website
THE TAVERN Location Map 802-438-5564 Facebook
VERMONT EXTERIORS Location Map 802-438-2975 N/A
VERMONT HERBAL GENERAL STORE Location Map 802-438-2766 Visit Website
VERMONT HYDROPONIC PRODUCE Location Map 802-438-5685 Visit Website
VT MARBLE GRANITE SLATEWESTSIDE DESIGN Location MapLocation Map 802-468-8800802-236-6814 Visit WebsiteE-mail Us
WESTSIDE REAL ESTATE Melissa Loughan, Principal Broker  Location Map  802-558-4367  Visit Website
WEST RUTLAND PRICE CHOPPER PO Box 68 802-438-6119 Visit Website
WEST WAY MALL INC Location Map 603-766-4761 N/A
WESTSIDE NAPA AUTO PARTS Location Map 802-438-2060 E-mail Us
WILK PAVING INC. PO Box 154 802-438-5454 Visit Website
WRIGHT APPRAISAL COMPANY Location Map 802-438-0063 Visit Website
YANKEE TIMBERLOFT INC. Location Map 802-438-0028 Facebook

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