Town Clerk

There are many ways that the Town of West Rutland works to serve the community. If you need information on or assistance with a particular town function or service, this sections of the website should be helpful to you. Responsible for the recording and maintenance of all documents pertaining to land records, birth, death, marriage and civil union records, issuing licenses for marriage, civil union, dogs, liquor and tobacco, voter registration, notary services and motor vehicle registration renewal.


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– Licenses:  Marriage, Civil Union, Dog, Liquor
– Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals
– Purchase certified copies of birth, death, marriage, civil union & land records
– Register to vote and vote by absentee.
– Recording of all land records for the Town of West Rutland.

Land Record Searches

Marriage or Civil Union License:
To apply for a Marriage or Civil Union License, you will need to fill out the Marriage or Civil Union license application at the West Rutland Town Office.  At least one of the couple must come to obtain the license. The fee is $60.00 (payable by cash or check made out to “Town of West Rutland”) for the license and $10.00 if you wish to have a certified copied made and sent to you automatically. The license is valid for 60 days. For a list of West Rutland Justices of the Peace, see below. If you need further information, please email or call the Town Clerk’s office.

Town of West Rutland Justices of the Peace:
Joseph Baker – 438-9819
Sean Barrows – 770-9896
Tom Burditt – 438-0031
Robert Harvey – 438-0048
Debora Jasmin – 438-5762
Patricia Kulig – 438-5075
Stephen Long – 345-0064
Elizabeth Moser – 438-2464
Jayne Pratt – 438-5142
Barbara Trepanier – 438-5018

Vehicle Registration Renewals:
For your convenience you can now renew your Vehicle Registration at the Town Clerk’s Office and renew it on the spot. Please bring a check or money order payable to “DMV of VT”. There is also a handling fee of $3.00 to the town. You can pay the handling fee in cash or check.

Dog Licenses

All dogs owned in the Town of West Rutland must be registered with the Town Clerk before April 1st of each year. Please bring an original copy of the current rabies certificate and cash, check or money order payable to “Town of West Rutland.”

Dog License Fees are as follows:
Before April 1:
Neutered/Spayed – $14.00
Un-neutered/Spayed – $18.00
After April 1:
Neutered/Spayed – $16.00
Un-neutered/Spayed – $22.00

Copies of Birth/Death/Marriage/Civil Union Certificates

To obtain a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil union certificate, mail a written request to the Town Clerk at 35 Marble Street, West Rutland, VT 05777. Please be sure to state the reason you are requesting the certified copy, especially for birth or death certificates and enclose a check or money order, payable to “Town of West Rutland” for $10.00.

Contact the West Rutland Town Office

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