Select Board

The Select board is the Town of West Rutland’s legislative body. It is made up of five elected officials. There are 2 one-year term selectpersons, and 3 three-year term selectpersons. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month (additional meetings when necessary) at the Town Hall conference room and are open to the public.

John Harvey, Chair3 Years2019
Nick Notte, Vice Chair1 Year2019
Chet Brown, Secretary3 Years2020
William Kulig1 Year2020
Jayne Pratt1 Year2020

Moderator Town and School

Mike Moser1 Year2019

Town Clerk

Chris Wener3 Years2019

Town Treasurer

Patricia Kulig2 Years2020

School Directors

Blake Cushing3 Year2018
Tom Callahan3 Year2020
Kristy Duncan1 Year2018
Francesca Girardi3 Year2019
James Mumford1 Year2018


Lisa Garcia3 Year2021
Robert Higgins3 Years2019
Pat Trepanier3 Years2020

Grand Juror

Mike Moser1 Year2019

Town Law Agent

Mike Moser1 Year2019

Appointed Emergency Management Director

Mary Ann Goulette1 Year2020

Fire Chief

Joseph Skaza Jr.2 Year2018

Health Officer

Mary Ann Goulette3 Year2020

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