Town Officers / Appointments

PositionsOfficersTerm DurationTerm Ending
Animal Control OfficerSheriff’s Department1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Development Review BoardMike Moser, Chair4 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Anthony (Tim) Ponto, Vice Chair4 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Denis Lincoln4 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Jon Wallace4 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Deb Higgins4 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Emergency Management DirectorMaryAnn Goulette1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Fire ChiefMichael Skaza 2 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
First ConstableRutland County Sheriff’s Dept.1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Forest Fire WardenSteve Czachor5 YearsMarch 2024
Grand JurorMichael Moser1 YearMarch 2022
Health OfficerMaryAnn Goulette3 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Library Board of Trustee Shelly Williams 3 YearsMarch 2022
ListersLisa Wright, Chair3 YearsMarch 2024
Robert Higgins3 YearsMarch 2022
Patrick Trepanier3 YearsMarch 2023
Planning CommissionDenis Lincoln, Chair4 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Sean Barrows 4 YearsMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Leona Minard4 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Michael Brzoza4 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Quarry Valley Unified
Union School Directors
Tom Callahan 3 YearsMarch 2022
Michael Moser3 YearsMarch 2022
Jessica Grabowski 3 YearsMarch 2024
Regional Ambulance RepresentativePaul Kulig3 YearsMarch 2022
Rutland County Solid Waste
District Representative, Primary
Chet Brown1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Rutland County Solid Waste
District Representative, Alternate
John Harvey1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Rutland Region Planning
Commissioner - Primary
Leona Minard2 YearMarch 2023 (by appointment)
Rutland Region Planning
Commissioner - Alternate
Denis Lincoln1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Rutland Regional Transportation
Council Representative, Primary
Sean Barrows1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Rutland Regional Transportation
Council Representative, Alternate
Mary Ann Goulette1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
SelectpersonsJohn Harvey, Chair 3 YearsMarch 2024
Nick Notte, Vice Chair1 YearMarch 2022
Chester Brown, Secretary3 YearsMarch 2023
Richard Daley1 YearMarch 2022
Jayne Pratt1 YearMarch 2022
Town ClerkChristine Wener3 YearsMarch 2022
Town Law AgentMichael Moser1 YearMarch 2022
Town ModeratorMichael Moser1 YearMarch 2022
Town Service OfficerMike Moser1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
TreasurerPatricia Kulig3 YearsMarch 2022
Tree WardenDenis Lincoln1 YearMarch 2022 (by appointment)
Zoning AdministratorJeff Biasuzzi3 YearsMarch 2023 (by appointment)

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