Town Hall Rentals

Revised & Select Board Approved – March 2019

The following guidelines have been established concerning public use and rental of the Town of West Rutland Facilities. Individual groups wishing to use these shall be subject to the user fees and regulations outlined below:

2020 Facilities Rental Rate Sheet

AuditoriumTown & School Governmental Boards & Agencies [ more info ]
Private Events [ more info ]
$40/hr (1-3 hr rental) + $35*
$150/hr (4 hr rental) + $35*
$300/hr (8 hr rental) + $35*
Service Groups [ more info ]
$30/hr (DEC 12 - APR 15) + $35*
$20/hr (APR 16 - DEC 14) + $35*
Non-Service Groups [ more info ]
$35/hr (DEC 12 - APR 15) + $35*
$25/hr (APR 16 - DEC 14) + $35*
Auditorium Options
(Flat Rate)
Table/Chair Setup + Teardown - $75
Light Board Use - $55
Audio System Use - $120
Conference RoomTown & School Governmental Boards & Agencies [ more info ]NO CHARGE
Private Event [ more info ]$20/hr
Service Groups [ more info ]$20/hr
Non-Service Groups [ more info ]$20/hr
Recreation CenterPrivate Event [ more info ]$75/half-day; $150/full-day
*Custodial Flat Rate

Section I. Fees General:
A. The Town Manager shall charge fees based upon the following schedule.
B. The Town Manager may split custodial fees among users if more than one organization is using the building at any given time.

Section II. Fees Specific:

A. Town and School Governmental Boards and Agencies

  • Town Meetings
  • Select Board
  • West Rutland School Activities
  • Planning Commission
  • Board of Zoning Adjustment
  • State Agencies when sponsoring hearings relevant to citizens of West Rutland.
  • Regional Planning
  • Recreation Department Activities
  • Friends of the Town Hall
  • Scout Group Meetings
  • Historical Society
  • Marble Valley Players will be charged fees based upon a separate contract

FEE: There will be no charge to the group when the building is used for the purpose of meetings, hearings, etc.

B. Private Event

  • Town Residents or any private parties (other than those defined in Section A, C, and D) wishing to hold an event.

FEE: The group shall be requested to pay custodial expenses, plus an operating expense as outlined in the chart above.

C. Service Groups

  • Governmental Use
  • Public Benefits
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • State Agencies
  • Other meetings and fundraisers
  • Political Party Election Day Activities (Local, State, National)

FEE: Service groups shall be requested to pay custodial expenses, plus an operating expense as outlined in the chart above.

D. Non-Service Groups

  • Lectures and Speakers
  • Political Groups
  • Dance for Profit, etc.

FEE: Non-Service groups will be required to pay custodial expenses, plus an operating expense as outlined in the chart above.

Section III. Priority:

  1. Town & School Activities will have priority over all other groups for use of the Auditorium. A group with contractual usage agreement will be given second priority
  2. Groups meeting on a routine basis shall have priority over non-routine groups. Special meetings of Town and School may supersede any routine activities.

Section IV. Application Process:

  1. All groups wishing to rent the Town’s facilities shall contact the Town Office at 438-2263 to discuss options and make contract arrangements.
  2. A damage deposit will be required.
  3. A $35 deposit will be required at time of reservation to hold the date.
  4. An insurance certificate may be required

Section V. Regulations:

  1. All groups shall be responsible for providing the necessary supervision to assure the buildings reasonable use and to prevent vandalism
  2. Groups will be responsible for any damage occurring during their use.
  3. Police Officers shall be assigned to activities if attendance exceeds 250 people or at the discretion of the Town Manager.
  4. All groups shall clean up the building and leave the area used in a condition suitable for the next use. All trash must be removed from the site.
  5. All groups shall comply with any specific rules established by the Town Manager or his/her designee regarding their particular use of the building.
  6. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances allowed.

Section VI. Alcohol Policy
Catered Event

  1. If the event will be catered and alcohol will be served, the Caterer should already have the necessary permit.
  2. If they do not, the following process will be followed:
    1. The Caterer will obtain the necessary application form from the West Rutland Town Clerk.
    2. The Caterer completes the form and sends it to the State of Vermont.
    3. The State of Vermont will then send the permit to the West Rutland Town Clerk.
    4. Note, this process may take a few days, so the Caterer should plan accordingly so the necessary permit is in place before the event.

Private Event

  1. If the event is non-catered but will serve a variety of alcoholic beverages in an open bar situation, the Renter will be required to show they have liability coverage that will protect the municipality from a third-party lawsuit if a damaging incident occurs at the event. Many renters can obtain this coverage through their existing insurance (with a rider, if necessary), and only need to give the municipality proof of this coverage.
  2. For the situations where no other liability insurance is available, renters will purchase a Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) in an online process that automatically forwards proof of the coverage to the municipality, following the procedure below:
    1. Go to
    2. For the Venue Name, type Vermont League of Cities and Towns into the “Search for your Venue” box, then select the municipality’s location.
    3. Follow the site’s remaining instructions. When the renter has paid for the coverage, the municipality will automatically receive the proof it requires.

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