There are many ways that the Town of West Rutland works to serve the community. If you need information on or assistance with a particular town function or service, this sections of the website should be helpful to you. Responsible for the appraisal and assessment of all taxable real estate for the purpose of establishing the grand list.  Staff includes 3 Listers.

Location: 35 Marble Street
Phone Number: (802) 438-2263
Hours: TBA

Lisa Wright
Lister, Chair
Murph Higgins
Pat Trepanier

– Appraisal and assessment of all taxable real estate property.
– Maintain property information records, sales information, and tax maps.
– Make information available to other departments, outside agencies, and to the general public.

Information Available:
May be researched by individuals desiring the information.

– Property assessment information as of the most recent April 1st.
– Property record folders containing physical attributes of taxable properties.

Tax Appeals: See guides and form below or contact us at 438-2263

Tax Appeal Documents:

Tax Appeal Guide Tax Appeal Handbook Tax Grievance Form

Contact the West Rutland Town Office

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